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Give It A Name


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This is a community for the Give It A Name festival 2006.

There aren't really any specific rules. This is to talk about bands you want to see, to talk to fellow fans, to get to know each other, meet up and whatever else.

On your first entry, please try to post a link to any MySpace, FaceParty, VampireFreaks or any other profile that you have so that we can see what you look like and learn a bit about you all.

Remember- There are specific communities for the bands that are playing at Give It A Name so please dont use this as *just* for one band. This is for the whole festival.

If you wish to post banners for other communities, please email me at the above address and tell me a bit about that community before you post, otherwise it will just be deleated. If you wish to email me to say hi or whatever, then feel free to so so.

ALSO- feel free to talk about your experiences at Give It A Name Introduces. No point making a seperate community for that, as its such a small event that is over quickly, but do take this comm for EVERYTHING GIAN related, kay?

If you have any questions, ask me, Maz x_demolition or Jo enough_hurt

♥ ♥ ♥

And if you're interested *cough* my other communities are (I think im a community whore):

gerardism -For Gerard Way fans.
postgian -For AFTER the GIAN event.
welovebob -For Bob Bryar fans.
weloveray- For Ray Toro fans.
weloveneopets -For fans of www.neopets.com :) (No members as of yet)
lotmsetc - for MCR merch, mainly Life On The Murder Scene atm.

If you wanna help me MOD any of my communities, shout me an email. Preferably someone good with banner making, and designing layouts :)

[[layout credit goes to tillyness]]